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Windows Hyper-V VPS Hosting and Its Effect on the VPS Hosting Market

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a type of web hosting that virtually divides one physical server into different partitions. Subscribers to VPS hosting will enjoy the security offered by a dedicated server but will be physically sharing a single server. VPS could be compared to a group of servers located inside a server. Each VPS has its own separate operating system and will work without being influenced by other VPS systems on the server. A single VPS account can contain a system and booting a single VPS will never affect the other VPS systems on the host server.

VPS hosting is made possible by the application that controls the different servers. With the introduction of Hyper-V and Windows 2008, VPS hosting providers will now have a much more secure and reliable platform over its predecessor Windows Virtual Server 2007. VS 2007 could not compete with the current offerings by providers such as VMware. With Windows VPS systems hosted on Windows 2008 Hyper-V, customers can expect a much better experience and a performance boost over VMware and the other VM managers on the market today.

Advantage of Windows VPS Hosting

Leveraging a VPS system can benefit your business in many ways. A VPS in comparison to standard Shared hosting will give you more flexibility and control as you are able to access all aspects of the operating system and make any customizations required by your applications. In essence a VPS is the same as dedicated server but with shared hardware.

Windows VPS Systems are also useful for companies and individuals that run higher-traffic Web sites, complex applications or require customized environments that cannot be provided in shared hosting but do not wish to have the overhead cost of dedicated hardware along with better control over the security.

VPS systems also enable your company to operate in a more energy efficient and environmentally conscious way. Most dedicated servers in production today are vastly underutilized but consume the same amount of power as if they were running at capacity. Using VPS systems enables providers to ensure all servers are at capacity and greatly increases the yield of each server making it more energy efficient.

Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting vs. Linux VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting is often compared to Linux VPS Hosting. These two operating systems for VPS hosting has their advantage and disadvantages.

Usually Windows is considered the expensive solution, however with the new Datacenter edition Windows 2008 licensing which allows providers to run unlimited copies of guest Windows operating systems, this is no longer the case. This allows Windows VPS solutions to be competitively priced compared to Linux.

Windows VPS hosting has also a much wider audience than Linux VPS hosting as the vast majority of IT services providers are familiar with Windows administrative tasks and are able to manage a Windows VPS without having to contract outside management.

Performance wise, Microsoft’s Hyper-v technology is now on par with Linux and performance is no longer a deciding factor when selecting an Operating system for your VPS system.

Ultimately you will find Microsoft has gained a considerable lead in the Windows VPS market since they are already catching up in the Web Server usage counts due to the success of the .NET platform that is not available on Linux.

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