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How Small Businesses Can Reduce Operating Costs by Utilizing Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting.

Virtual Private Windows Servers for Small Businesses

Small business owners work hard on Windows desktop applications and software, sometimes for testing, other times for running applications to keep their business up and running. Developing or running these applications in the past, required Windows servers within their offices or hosted dedicated servers. The costs of server hardware, IT management and network infrastructure within an office can be very costly and most start ups or small businesses cannot handle the related onetime setup expenses as well as monthly maintenance fees and costs.

Luckily there is a cheaper and better option than in office hosting or hosted dedicated servers. Windows VPS hosting providers such as ResellerChoice allow businesses to retain the same control as with a dedicated solution at a fraction of the cost.

By converting existing office or hosted dedicated servers into Windows VPS Hosting, businesses will immediately benefit with a reduction in operational costs such as office space, power, management, higher cost of dedicated hardware, etc…

Windows VPS hosting providers using Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology such as ResellerChoice offer an efficient and versatile solution. This advanced technology mimics hosted dedicated server solutions at a fraction of the cost. It allows the same level of control using remote desktop (Terminal server/RDP), offers full administrative access, complete OS access as well as OS selection.

A VPS system is in most ways the exact same thing as a hosted dedicated server but uses shared hardware which results in a much cheaper and effective solution for businesses looking to create private networks, complete virtual clusters or deploy load balanced geographically diverse applications all without the overhead of dedicated hardware.

The technology behind VPS hosting solutions

The system that Windows has created uses isolation of partitions to separate sections of the server. While there is one root partition running on a Windows Server 2008, the technology of Hyper-V will allow the server to create child partitions. These child partitions act as individual servers but running off one server. The child partitions don't have access to the hardware directly. Rather, these partitions simply get a view of the hardware.

Hyper-V a key feature of Windows server 2008 continues to be the talked about in IT circles as the contender in a world once powered by VMware and Linux..

In the small business world, reducing costs is just as important as increasing profits. Using Windows VPS solutions such as ResellerChoice’s VPS Plans, businesses will see an improvement in their efficiency and profitability. Switching to a Windows VPS hosting solution is very simple and does not involve high upfront costs.

VPS solutions will change how small businesses do business.

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