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Tap into the Windows IT services market using ResellerChoice’s unique hosting offer.

Microsoft technologies in demand

Today, a large portion of businesses and corporations are using Microsoft technologies to facilitate their everyday business functions such as SharePoint, Exchange Server, CRM and Hyper-V virtual server clusters. The ever increasing demand for these services has created a new market that includes potential customers ranging from the local small businesses to the Fortune 500 corporations.

As a web hosting provider, setting up such complex windows networks to provide these services as a hosted solution can be a very expensive proposition due to hardware and licensing costs and the investment in time required to setup the solution. Reseller hosting providers such as ResellerChoice offers web hosts the unique opportunity to tap into this vast market by providing white label Windows IT hosting services. Becoming a reseller enables web hosts to add to their offerings Enterprise level IT services such as Hyper-V VPS Servers, Exchange Mail, SharePoint and other windows services under their own brand name without incurring any of the upfront costs.

“Despite their varying businesses and greatly differing needs, many small businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on information technology and the Internet for networking, communications and sales. As they become more Web-savvy, we’re seeing that small businesses are starting to seriously consider hosted services to meet some of their IT needs,” said John Zanni, general manager, Software + Services Industry team, for the Communications Sector at Microsoft. “At this time of economic uncertainty, the benefits of buying IT services on a subscription basis become ever more apparent.”

Over the next five years we should see a significant rise in the hosted IT services demand. Due to the current economic situation, many IT managers and business owners are looking for ways to cut costs. Outsourcing has always been a cost saving option and over the next few years we should see more IT managers assigning a larger part of their budgets to outsourced hosted services.

As the market matures, growing competition and pricing pressures from IT services companies and managed service providers can be expected. The need for the reseller to innovate and go beyond the provisioning of low-cost hosting service to deliver increased business value will be important in separating himself from the competition.

Ultimately, the choice of providers for the reseller will be one of the deciding factors in his success since the reseller’s host is responsible for the network and services running on it. For this reason the reseller should take care in selecting a reseller host with a strong background and a proven track record in Windows hosting services.

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