Go Mobile with Hosted Exchange and dedicated servers

What Hosted Exchange can do for your business

What is Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is the world's most popular business messaging platform, with almost 60% of the market. It boosts company productivity through advanced features like always-synced email, files, calendars and contacts.

Reduce Costs

The main advantage of using a hosted exchange solution is the reduction in long term and up front costs and management worries. Where companies with in-house Exchange face huge IT management difficulties, hosted Exchange makes these headaches disappear.

Fax Via Email

Get a local fax number and receive all your faxes as PDF email attachments.


We offer the ability to �turn on� archiving instantly. You can choose either basic archiving, which simply keeps a mirrored copy of your data, or advanced archiving, which keeps an offsite copy of all data and ensures the archive is compliant with major financial, healthcare and other regulations.

Hosted Exchange Mobile Services

Go Mobile

Use ActiveSync or Motorola's Good Mobile technologies to keep all your mobile users connected and synched at all times. Click Here for more info.

Disk Space

With our fully-managed hosted Exchange service, there is no need for complex hardware upgrades and downtime. As your company mailboxes grow larger in size, just add extra capacity instantly for a low monthly fee.


As well as the full anti-virus included with hosted Exchange, our optional anti-spam feature will shield your employees from almost all spam email � and make them more productive.
Sign up for an Exchange Hosting Plan today and bring a whole new meaning to productivity!