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TnC Domain Management LLC d.b.a. ResellerChoice values your privacy.

Information you provide at any time to the company will never be sold, exchanged or released to any third party entity, unless required by court order, subpoena, or other legal force.

The Collection and Use of Information

In order to protect your information, we maintain and enforce strict security procedures. All sensitive transactions use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted network transmissions. We collect personal information about you (Name, Address, etc...) from our online forms or telephone conversations. Any personal information we gather is needed to conduct our business relationship and for verification purposes. We use state-of-the-art technology to keep your personal information including your billing and account information-as secure as possible. No account information will be released to any party unless the proper security checks have been performed. Company will only disclose information if the member has consented to the disclosure. Company will not disclose customer information or activities to another site or entity unless required by court order, subpoena, or other legal force.

Using our website

All of our cookies and sessions are temporary, which means that they are active only as long as the member's browser is running. Cookies and sessions expire when the session has ended. Company gathers non-personal information from your browser when using our website. This type of information is used to generate statistics, keep track of your visit and internal purposes


When submitting comments or reviews via online forms or email you agree to allow TnC Domain Management LLC d.b.a. ResellerChoice to use quotes as we see fit. Any complaints submitted to our abuse department will remain anonymous. At no time will your contact information be disclosed to the offending parties. Information transmitted over the Internet and/or other computer networks is generally not considered to be secure. While Provider respects the privacy of our customers, the customer understands that there is no guaranteed privacy on the Internet. The provider cannot be liable or for any viewing or interception of the customer's e-mail, downloads, news, etc., by other customers or individuals at the providers network or on any other network.